[Rising World – Arcticu Empire [WIP]]

Rising World is a new sandbox game that ‘could’ be considered a mix between Minecraft and Skyrim. It’s a new game that I’m considering heavily jumping onto thanks to the features it has, and shall have in the future with great input being considered by the developers. Even though it’s new, I shall make a placeholder page (the one you’re looking at now) for that said game.

– Flag of both Minecraft & Rising World’s version of Arcticu Empire. The Empire of Busou Shinki, fox spirits, & Canada turned militaristic in a ‘fun’ manner.

Estimated Date To play: Fall or winter 2015.
Home Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324080/
Actual Home Page: https://www.rising-world.net/


– What to Expect:

You can expect the same style of structures I built in Minecrat to be built in Rising World, plus more. Basically think along the lines of Minecraft + mods + Skyrim with actual realism when it comes to playing this game.

I shall be playing this game in the late 2015-2016 early with how much it has to mature. Same with me needing a proper computer to run this, even make Youtube tour videos of what I built. It still needs to mature as a whole and I’ll be busy trying to get to that goal.

I also hope Persocom and Minion shall consider joining me in Rising World roughly around that time also. No rush, no pushing. Just that I want to still have fun playing more for fun while paying my respect to the Busou Shinki line. If the offer is declined then I’ll pay my respects with myself, and possibly with Nas’s help (a fellow Busou Shinki fan) to assist me in such tasks.

If I don’t play this game, then I don’t. I can always delete this game if the game flops in the end, or if I don’t jump on it at all.


What I plan to build:

The previous in a new form. I’m wanting to loosely rebuild what I had in Minecraft in this game in a new style with new features so more can be done. I’ll happily rebuild what I found awesome in Minecraft in this game, even with new things.

  • Arcticu City: More tall skyscrapers, structures, and grand scenery to be had when I get around to building. It shall have a new style, but it will borrow its designs from Minecraft into this game.
  • Kitsu: Basically my farming & mining village. This shall be the first I’ll build before building Arcticu City again, if at a much slower pace. This village shall also contain the Busou Shinki memorial, even statues of the Busou Shinkis. It shall be heavily Busou Shinki oriented.
  • Busou Shinki Memorial: I’m planning to build a grand memorial for each Busou Shinki of mine to remember them by, even the death of the MMO & the whole line. Thanks to posters I can upload custom images to share with others on the server. I simply hope I can share loads (unlimited) without having to worry about any sort of server cap.
  • New Canadian Cabin-Mansion Hybrid: I did it in Minecraft, I’ll do it again in Rising World once I obtain the game when building up.
  • Submarine Base: I shall happily make a submarine base (Das Boot style) for the Silent Hunter 3 times. This is also for the KanColle love that I”ll make a base on both a coast-line, even in noteworthy island formations when those are added into the game.
  • And many more…….


Mods I want to see or nudge:

I do want to create mods wherever I can, but I’d rather give the torch to those that know how to mod over myself. I would simply corrupt my game to an unplayable state that I want others to take the torch. I’ll help where needed, just that I need someone to add what they can while they can. This would also support the game, even making it something you can go back to. I also expect modding to be support around the 2016 or 2017 mark……

  • Character mods: Ones that allow the player to be customized in a similar manner as that of Skyrim and the perverted Illusion games I know of. Having great customization allows the game to be pushed further with great customization.
  • KanColle Mod: With a vast world I want to see experienced modders making a KanColle mod in Rising World to have fun with. I’d love to see Yuudachi, Bismarck, and the gang having a blast in this vast open world with great vast terrain, and etc. It’ll be realistic all around. I’m going to spam-post lots of KanColle creations to try and attract KanColle fans to the game. Hopefully a Japanese modder bites to make a quality mod over what would be an inferior one on my end.
  • Busou Shinki: Why not. With Konami being an evil jack-ass I want to see Busou Shinki’s roaming free in the vast world of Rising World, also to remember them nicely while we have fun with their craziness. I shall happily spam-post posters and creations within this world when given the chance.
  • Varakitsu & Followers: I’m trying to nudge Red51 (Developer) into adding basic NPC villagers & followers because it would be a missed opportunity not to take advantage of the vast scenery. Having followers, even my own, would be awesome for both myself and others to have fun with when playing single-player, even on quiet multiplayer servers. Surviving and traveling when others aren’t on with your NPC buddies would be much welcomed.

I know it’s my fault I’m expecting too much on the modding front for others to do the dirty work for me. This isn’t just or me, this is for those that got shafted by Konami on the Busou Shinki front while KanColle Mod would take advantage of the free-roaming side that wasn’t explored to have their fun in this game.  This however is something that equals to me eating a burger that is a size of a truck, or even a bus. It’s too ambitious for me alone. I could eventually do it, just something that might end up killing me at the end of the day. I would rather skilled modders do this properly.

Not to make more excuses, I have other plans. I want the skill modders to focus on KanColle over Busou Shinki because I want to finally focus on creating my own game dealing with Varakitsu also.


Do expect this page to change as time goes by. Same with when I actually jump into it. I’ll update this page by removing most of the text above.