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Arcticu Valley (Minecraft Map)

Being a heavy Minecraft addict I just had to add a nice lovely page to this blog. Wish I knew how to do so from the very start as to not mess up my blog, nor Google search. I’m also putting everything ‘important’ for public viewing on here for swift viewing and for any curious minds.

– Arcticu City, capital city of the Arcticu Empire (still in the making).

(All images taken from Minecraft Realm’s and the F1+F2 option.)


Minecraft Overviewer Link of Arcticu Kitsu Valley:
(Google Maps style.)
[Last Updated: Saturday, August 09, 2014][Possible Next Update:September 15th, 2014.]

[Note: Thanks to some interior drama I’m no longer able to keep updating this Minecraft map. Can’t host, nor can I play it. Mojang is also lazy in fixing boats while also making 1.8 highly unplayable. I decided to move on while keeping this up as a ‘historical’ bit.]


Basic Summary of Arcticu Kitsu Valley:

Arcticu Kitsu Valley is a Minecraft Realms hosted server that I purchased for a long term gathering for myself and my regulars without constantly having to hop from one server hosting to the next. Tried hosting on my own, on my host’s server, on Linode, to only end up on Minecraft Realms for how simple and efficient it is. I prefer Minecraft Realms over any other option currently.

Arcticu Kitsu Valley is the third reincarnation of our main Minecraft map with everything on this current map being the third generation of the previous two. Everything you see on the map shall contain some references or history relating back to itself and the past two worlds we had to abandon due to version history and mod corruptions.

Being a Canadian hosted server on the MC Realms server it was started on April 2nd, 2014. Aiming to hopefully pass the one year mark on the server to hopefully last up to a decade’s worth of construction.

(*Note: This map is only open to friends that I trust and know both on and off the web, thus it being on Realms. Only those that haven’t gotten into a fight and conversed in some form with me may ask to join. For those that can build city or small town settlements are also preferred. Only those that try to open themselves up to others are preferred, not those that stick to one structure and hide away, nor troll/grief.)


-> Major Settlements of Arcticu Valley:

Just a few major settlements that are currently available for visiting, protection, and enjoying. More shall be added as time goes on. Note the map’s starting date and the current date of this page being read. Can also view brief images of these settlements below the list.

  • Kitsu: A basic small town welcoming and protecting those new to the world. The start and the proxy hub of the map due to it’s neutrality.
  • Arcticu City: Founded by A’K, it is the main hub of the map and the Arcticu Empire. Proud to show off skyscrapers and towers to show its wealth and power on the map. Anything you may need may possibly be found in Arcticu City, if given enough time. Everything is “go big, or go home” type attitude due to it having to show it’s pride and wealth. If represented by a mascot, it would be Busou Shinki Renge. Varakitsu is also welcome due to red & white colour scheme.
  • Kyuukon: A basic farming and mining village to supply resources to the Arcticu Empire, City, and elsewhere. Just a nice little safe haven outside of Arcticu City to keep safe in and to add what can’t be added into Arcticu City. For those seeking to flee the city life may wander to a more relaxed settlement.
  • Gouka: A major town of importance showing things on a darker, Hell Hound style of building. Structures shall be more or less based on a Busou Shinki Gabrine colour scheme or style. A major settlement somewhat matching of Arcticu’s City’s importance and structure appearances.
  • Vakisa: A touristy area claimed by Arcticu City to view spiked ice biome. This is both a touristy area and a resting checkpoint for viewing, storage, resupplying, and anything needed to head back towards Kitsu.
  • Mao-Chao Town: A creative mode city north of Kitsu founded to pay respects to the old version. It is owned by “Kashi” while themed to Busou Shinki Mao-Chao. It is a second generation settlement based of of the past map it was on.
  • More to come soon as more major settlements pop up. Outposts don’t count.

(Everything is still being constructed…..Shall update Settlement list as time goes on.)


– Settlement images:

Kitsu – Founded on April 2nd:

– Kitsu – Spawn & proxy hub of the main map.

Kyuukon – Founded on April 8th, 2014.

– Kyuukon – Farming and resources with city hall in view.

– Center and torii gate.

Gouka – Founded on April 10th, 2014.

– Gouka – Perso’s major town, though slower on the rebirth due to real life issues.

– Arcticu City – Founded on April 11th, 2014.

– Arcticu City – Heart of the city still being under construction.

(Main cities and towns shall be updated on a monthly or bi-monthly update.)

Other Areas of Interest:

A few other areas of interest that can’t be counted as major settlements or areas. Still worthy of adding onto here.

– A’K’s Home away from home.

– Arcticu Bridge based on the UFO Bridge in Bratislava.

– A reborn Smokehouse from past map located in Gouka.

– A tunnel based on a previous for a friend’s area.


Arcticu Kitsu Valley’s Project Checklist:

A general checklist of what was planned for the map and what needs to be built. So many things needing to be build and rebuilt that a list was needed to be made for this page. Any projects being worked on shall be moved down while also being removed when completed. Anything being planned by other players shall be listed by them on their own place, unless otherwise noted.

Plans & Projects:

  • Dye Shop: A lovely dye coloured skyscraper to sell various kinds of dyes while storing nearly each colour on every floor. Possibly even multiple on one floor with the main floor containing every.
  • Wool Shop: To contain anything wool related. Same as above in style, just more wool oriented. May even contain gear to obtain wool.
  • Clothing Shop: A simple leather armor store. All armor to be dyed various colours more for cosmetic and touristy appearances over actual profit. Items to be both framed on iron fences and on the newer armor displays. A touristy “for fun” building.
  • Flower Shop: To contain everything dealing with nature. Anything that can be considered grass to be displayed and “sold” in this building. Both “for fun” and to sell across the map.
  • Arcticu Marina/Pavillion: Similar to Ottawa’s Dow’s Lake Pavilion, Arcticu City shall have one for a scenic purpose. A building to add character to the untamed high-seas for fishing, resting, and for boating purposes.
  • Halloween Tower: Just a simple idea of a rebuild and to try something new at the same time. To add a Halloween themed building into Arcticu City to celebrate the autumn festivities in a controlled and safe manner without also traveling numerous blocks away.
  • Busou Shinki Monument/Shrine: Something I wanted to build back on my main map before it was modded to an unrecoverable state. Was wanting to build a giant grave-like area of remembrance with a naked Busou Shinki body to remember Battle Rondo’s death on Halloween. Was going to eventually extend it to anything else. Reviving this idea by wanting to make a giant chubby fancy structure being decorated with faces on the interior walls while also using 1.8 flags for that added customization. Busou Shinki weapons on the outside with coloured beacons, banners, wool faces, books, signs, and everything else describing what happened to them.
  • Banner Shop: Once 1.8 hits I’m to build a banner shop with all sorts of banners to display to one and all. Mainly to supply myself, to store others, and to just have fun with banners. Shall be supplied by the wool shop.
  • Welcoming Arches: Kyuukon needs another torii gate on the western side, and eventually the southern side. Arcticu City to also contain a couple of such using banner letterings and a way to wander upwards to read historical tid-bits. Even a basic little memorial statue below the gate.
  • Welcoming Gates: The Southern portion to contain a Mahouka Anime type welcoming gate with a split road. It’s to welcome others while also adding some form of safety. Possibly to store horses to use the “subway” to reach the downtown area.

Under-Construction; Needing Completion:

  • Kitsu: This shall always be here. Needs to be built up and beautified. Needs to be made a touristy area to be visited.
  • Kyuukon: This shall always be here. Needs to be built up into a nice farming and mining village with fox related goodies. Anything small may be built here as well.
  • Arcticu City: This shall always be here. Needs to be built up to its former glory and beyond. Needs lots of skyscraper type buildings while also being the hub of the map.
  • Arcticu City’s Restaurant: Being built up, just needs to be completed with more snow blocks, light blue glass, wood planks, and a giant water fall. Shall serve as a main food source for people to resupply and to indulge in specific exotic foods.
  • Fishery: To hold and display loot gathered from the ocean and any water source. To contain and to display any other loot, such as Guardian and 1.8 related loot.
  • Arcticu Airport: It’s currently functional, just not completed. Needs to be roofed off with a functioning railway and rent-a-horse terminal.
  • Arcticu Storage Building: Currently holding items. Simply needs to be build up higher into the sky to hold more loot gained from the map while also having a mini-restaurant and AFK area. A functional horse parking area to load and unload goods.
  • Mob Museum: Currently a work-in-progress to be built up higher than two floors. A touristy area to also show Arcticu’s glory versus mobs. Contains mob looted armors; Soon to have mob heads, wither star, dragon egg, and mob heads. Frames and armor display to be heavily used.
  • Arcticu Library: Still needs to be populated fully with bookshelves, decorations, and capped off. Currently functional, just not fully completed.
  • Potion Brewing Tower: Everything to deal with brewed goods. Currently the first two floors are usable with the rest needing to be used further. Need to start moving readied potions to the second floor with the rest being overflows and supplies. Needs to be built up higher for more use.
  • Train Stations: Numerous train stations to build up. Mainly the Arcticu City’s train-station is the main focus linking up neighboring settlements to one another while piggy-backing on others. Kitsu’s train station and Kyuukon’s needing to be linked with Vakisa. Arcticu City’s line to also link up with Gouka with Kitsu even to Mao-Chao town. Three towers in Arcticu City to be built up while connected to each other with closed bridges. Anything above third floor being all scenic gardens for viewing purposes.
  • Arcticu Hotel: Currently two floors built. Nothing functional, only the stables. Needs to be built up higher to be of proper use and to actually have others stay there to store their loot instead of creating chests everywhere.
  • Arcticu City Hall: Currently on hold due to other projects. Needs to be built up higher and to actually store goods and histories of Arcticu City. Needs to contain both function and decoration.
  • Arcticu Tree Farm: Needs to be finished off. Need to add one or two more floors for other types of wood before capping it all off with blue glass and a proper roof.
  • Arcticu Smeltery: needs more back-up smelting set-ups for backlogs. Needs to also be built up into its full tower form as one of the main founding structures while also holding smelted goods.
  • Office Building: One of the main founding structures used as safety. Was meant to be generic and hastily built. Needs to be completed in a generic manner as it was started
  • Clay Welcoming Building: Welcomes fatigued travelers to a glorious hub of the map by signaling civilization. It’s meant to briefly shelter while also guiding adventurers and travelers to Arcticu City.
  • Black Smith: Anything needed to smelt and craft up armor and tools. A building to both craft and display both used and unused armour and tool pieces. First floor to be mostly display with second being crafting. Third+ being all displays for mostly important gear and overflow.


*Note: This page shall be updated monthly around the time Minecraft Overviewer shall update. More to come as time passes.

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