Happy Foxy Halloween!

Hello! Happy Halloween and hope everybody is having, or had, a nice Happy Halloween. Me? Had my fun with 2D fox girls and Minecraft’s 1.4 world along with Shinki images.

– Awesome looking maple leaf. Glad I took an image of it when I did because it shriveled up.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens; Gaming images from Minecraft.)

Didn’t really focus too much on the Halloween side of things because well…….Ottawaians didn’t go all out in decorating their homes in quantity. Ottawa made it up by going all out in costumes quality. Sadly, I didn’t take images…..I should of because those were awesome costumes.

Speaking of forgetting or missed opportunity, I missed out on an awesome image of a nice sunset of Sandy’s pitch-black clouds skimming over Ottawa-west during a sunset. The sun rays were spraying out beautifully. This prompts a poll.

Ottawa was only blown about semi-lightly with the internet cutting off every now and again. Sometimes the net would cut out every minute in a hiccuping manner. Wet, windy, and flickering net. Toronto and east-ward is where you’re supposed to look, both Canada and US side.

– Love it how the leaves were blanketing the ground in a snow-like manner. No dirt or decomposing, just beautiful bright leaves.

Retail employees going all out with their costumes yet I took this cupcake home to take an image of it with Kohiru. Would of been nice to take images of the people dressed up though. Pick your poison! Mine being Shinkis and Sushi.

– Rainbow Sushi combo bento just hits the spot nicely. Anything Salmon and similar just hits the spot mmm~

Damn….now I want more. Surprisingly good for a bento. Look familiar? Ya, I ate some before in this article.


Halloween – Minecraft Portion:

As you guys may have noticed on my Twitter I did play quite a bit of Minecraft. Thanks to the 1.4.2 update I had to rebuild everything on a new map because my main map became incompatible with the new release, or at least insanely tedious to fix with all the mods and IDs. Regardless, I went on building in full force what I needed in that game along with rebuilding what I had once built before. I even rebuilt Persocom’s pumpkin patch in the new map of ours!

1.4.2 gave us Minecrafters a nice new surprise in the form of a Halloween update with zombies & skeletons wearing pumpkin masks. Wither, wither skeleton, and bats were also added normally.

PST: Lots weren’t my idea, was my host’s because of greifers that we banned.

– Thanks to the pumpkin head they stay out even during the day, both skelis and zombies do.

– Persocom’s Pumpkin Patch – Version 1.4.2:

Persocom’s pumpkin patch from 1.8+ shrunk and redone in the new map. This patch takes up three lots next to the spawn garden while adding new 1.4 things. Why fix something when it isn’t broke? His Halloween town never saw the light of day for Halloween, yet this did. Even though I’m sharing this it is best seen in person.

Me and Nas (from Busoushinkiworld) speed-built this pumpkin park and patch as quickly as we could for Halloween and the article. Nobody joined so we stressed out to make up for that.

Psst! The huts have info-books in them to pay tribute as well.

Persocom’s Pumpkin Patch – 1.8+ Version:

Now compare what I recreated using his designs on our main map in his Halloween town. Again, I might as well because why fix what isn’t broken? He also had a few haunted homes, a mad moon from Soul Eater, and a few others.

Sadly, my server isn’t all that energetic anymore. Still addicting, just not energetic. Simply fun. A few people from my host’s side did manage to keep it highly entertaining with our survival sessions. Quite amusing at times. Just hop to see people from previous map get back to building while getting engaged in it again, like old times.

Can’t leave Minecraft because it is a fun game. I simply find it fun with the freedom of it all.


Remembering Busou Shinki – Battle Rondo:

Still have Battle Rondo on my mind ever since it shut down on October 31st, 2011. As tedious and unloved as it was by the studio it was still an awesome MMO with great potential. Thanks to it Busou Shinki is what it is today with the item codes and such, that I will never forget. I won’t even forget my lovely Renge moments on there!

– Renge’s Victory pose.



And why not! Let’s add a foxy image or two from safebooru!


Well! Happy Halloween and hope you had fun! Hope you’re also enjoying the Busou Shinki anime so far! For those that didn’t,……sucks to be you :P.

Happy Halloween!