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Arcticu Kitsu's blog - A Canadian view of Anime, Busou Shinki, VR Games, and more

Dragon’s Dogma [PS3]

Hello folks! I’m aware most gamers finished playing it ages ago, numerous times even yet wanted to review it. Wanted to review it now that I reached the “fake” ending and because it is surprisingly a very fun and highly addictive game.

(LInk – MySite) – Sneliska camping out at a bandit fort.

(All images taken from Dragnn’s Dogma photo option. Images are viewable; Righ-click and open in new window.)

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Playstation 3 Home – Part 3 – Halloween & Traditional Japan

Hello once again, and hope you had a joyously haunted Halloween! If not, I hope it was at least entertaining in some way, shape, or form! Might as well share the mood from a gaming sense from both the North American and Japanese servers! Too bad I can’t pose my Shinki’s within PS Home….

(Link – MySite) – Trick-Or-Treat!

(All images taken from Playstation 3’s Home space on both American and Japanese server.)

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Gran Turismo 5 – Review & Photoshoot.

Hello again!
I wanted to share Gran Turismo 5 with you this time just because I like this kind of game, and the previous versions. It’s a tad bit late, but probably still a good time to personally review it now that I got a PS3 that can play this lovely game! First PS3 yellow lighted on me – 60 gig PS3 (2006/7-2010?). The game also released some times around December and received around 6 big patches, which could be considered DLC.

(Link – MySite) – Welcome! Your Maserati in Kyoto!

(All images taken from within Gran Turismo 5’s photoshooting mode during replay and travel option. If a few images look off then my excuse is that they looked better PS3 set up.) Continue reading