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A Canadian view of Anime, Busou Shinki, VR Games, and more

Arcticu Kitsu's blog - A Canadian view of Anime, Busou Shinki, VR Games, and more

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What is my blog about? A Canadian who is into Anime, travel, Ferrari, and lives within the national capital – Ottawa.

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First post:
(Edit: Added as of July 05, 2010 it does. I wasn’t aware I didn’t intro myself.)


I’m  just a guy who likes blogging, sharing images about my travels, Anime, and my own city. I simply like taking images (in various qualities) just because remembering things can only get you so far. You can’t really share memories, but images and videos can assist with that. Why share such? Well, there are like minded individuals out there that may, or may not, like what I share.
I also go around taking pictures of figures, cosplayers, cars, and anything I deem interesting. I basically take 1-3 figures and head out on a little “adventure” (photoshooting session) trying to find the best location to snap the best images I can within that location. It’s all spontaneous, meaning image quality isn’t always guaranteed.

My blog mascot is that of an Arctic Fox named Varkitsu. He can shapeshift into both human genders and borrows strongly from the Japanese Fox spirit (Kitsune) myth. Though not seen visually on my blog/site yet, I’m attempting to bring him out more than Renge. Sadly, I don’t have the skill, nor the resources to do that at the moment :(.

You may have also noticed many  articles and images featuring a girl with Fox ears – Shinki Renge. Renge is a Busou Shinki (Armament God Princess), or a battle robot in the near(ish) future from Konami Japan. Her current role is currently that of shrine fox spirit maiden and a proxy-mascot taking over Varkitsu.

I also wanted to shed more light on Ottawa and it’s Anime atmosphere. Sadly, many people aren’t true to their own feelings and thoughts so it’s a bit hard getting a true gauge on how strong Anime is within Canada’s national capital – Ottawa. I shall be trying my best in sharing the best that my area has to offer in both Anime and various festivals!

To Contact me:

Twitter: Arctic_Kitsune (Twitter feed on right widgets.)

Anime – Figma, Busou Shinki, First Glance Reviews,  Gundam model kits, photo-shoots, Main Figma Reviews (Something I’m planning for the spring and summer season of Canada), Top 7 bi-monthly Anime favorites, and certain statue figures.
Canada & Ottawa – Images, Events, and the scenery within this great country.
Local & foreign Events – Ferrari Festival, Tulip Festival, Greek Festival and anything that may be of interest. Sometimes may show events outside of Ottawa, rare occurrence.
Ferrari – Events, games and models.
Games – Japanese imports, Canadian made games, PS3 Home, PS3 games, and soon Flight Simulator X
Travel – Various images from Europe and Cuba!
Japan – Still a minority in a travel perspective, but big in Anime and FSX wise. You can see it’s effects on me  in this blog


Ottawa Anime:

You shall find everything Ottawa Anime related and anything that may be of use to you. I’m currently treating my forum as an archive and shall be expanding on anything Ottawa Anime in the future.

For those seeking anything Japanese or Anime within the nation’s capital may want to check here:



Other Ottawa Anime communities/Cosplays/Retails/etc: – Simple directory:

G-Anime – Anime convention in Gatineau:

Naru2uAnime convention in Ottawa:

SOAP – OttawaMain anime community:

Anime@CarletonCarlton University Anime community:

uOttawa Anime ClubUniversity of Ottawa Anime club:

Comic Book ShoppeAnimeStop on Clyde with similar products downtown:

T&T Supermarket + YNot Gift storeAsian grocery with Asian gift store. Has Gundam model kits:

Kiko Sushi Bar – For a quality taste of Japan!:

Go For Sushi – Sushi for the impatient:


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Blog and Archive forum hand out card – Version 1:

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-> [Japanese & Anime/Figure bloggers]

Your portal to Japan.

Tokyo – Japan Times

HobbySearch – Anime PVC Figures Store –

Persocom –

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Puppy52 –

Optimistic Penguin


Otaku Neko:


Yunamon’s Blog:


-> [Gaming & Modding]

Petroglyph Games

Raziel Kanos(Poser and modding related material)


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If you made, or will make one of your own, then do let me know and I’ll edit it into the above space ^. I shall be linking this blog article on my homepage, which means I shall be editing this article with new banners and such. Don’t be shy and leave a comment (except for spam bots).


Site Contents:
(This is to make my site’s pages known to those who simply lurk, follow, or visit this blog  or article.)

Homepage – Main page (obviously) which contains a newer and better themed, compared to that from late 2009. It still needs polishing but its looking better with each edit.
Forums – Just in case people want a place to talk about various stuff. I want to send out an invitation to anybody within the Canada, Ottawa region to go – here – just to see how many “otaku’s” (positive manner) we have in the Nation’s capital. Don’t be shy and invite anybody you know from who may like Anime.
Image Gallery – From Ottawa to Montreal and Europe. I’m still trying to fine tune the page and what images I want in it so you shall be seeing it shift every now and again. I shall be adding the Tulip Festival into the mix one the event is over.
Figma Gallery – A Japanese made “action figure” meant for high quality and highly creative posing. I attempt to add my own creativity into the Figma brand images.


Future plans/ideas for blog & site:

– Naru2u Anime convention 2011 (possibly).
– Figma stop animation.
– Figma comics (more to come).
– Main figma reviews for website.
– To spawn a secondary domain strictly for Canadian Figma and Dollfie users in a less forum like manner.
– To get a fox and/or winter soviet cosplay in a mixed Soviet/Canadian/Fox theme.
– To hold some form of actual meet-up.
– To blog/video about Ottawa Senators NHL @ Scotia Bank Place.
– G-Anime 2012
– Ferrari Festival.
– More focus on my Blog mascot instead of my silly Shinki Renge.


  • SonicDaMan says:

    Mmmmmmm that Beaver Tail looks gewd…. =P

    February 15, 2010 at 12:51 am
  • SonicDaMan says:

    Sorry for the double post, but did you go to GAnime 2010? I went there.

    February 15, 2010 at 12:53 am
  • Ghostly Substance says:

    Lol, big tasty beaver tail 😛

    Sadly I haven’t gone to the GAnime 2010 (nor any previous ones). I saw a sign on a closed sushi shop window but never really did check the dates out properly :(. I cursed for missing out also.

    February 15, 2010 at 1:17 pm
  • Margot says:

    Hey, there! I’m an otaku from Ottawa too and I’m also looking for Ottawa-anime realted websites!

    Up till now, I’ve found the convention websites for G-Anime (wich has a good forum)and Naru2U, the website for CarletonU anime club and OttawaU’s anime club and the Society for Ottawa Anime Promotion wich isin’t very active…
    There are a few facebook groups too, but again, not very active. I guess it’s up to people like you and me to inform ourselves and then inform others, eh?

    (sorry for not putting any links, it said I was spamming, but you can google it)

    August 22, 2010 at 6:44 pm
  • Ghostly Substance says:

    Hello! A fellow Ottawaian? Nice ^^. Seeking Otaku related blogs now. I edited in sites I had on my archive forum on here.

    G-Anime and Naru2U forums to be very active? They seem like it. Those two are the only thing I haven’t checked up on.

    Sure, if you can help out that be much appreciated ^^. Trying to help out fellow Otaku’s, as long as they don’t get all offensive as I found some to be.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    August 22, 2010 at 9:57 pm
  • yunamon says:

    Adding you to me buroggu roll in this fine New Nyaa morning… ^_^

    December 31, 2010 at 5:14 pm
  • ArcticKitsune says:

    @Yunamon: Added you as well in both types of buroggu rolls ^^. Also snatched two to link back to yours heh. *is bad at paintshop*

    December 31, 2010 at 9:22 pm

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