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Snow storm?

Woke up today and was greeted by a nice pile of white snow blanketing everything. It was so white that I was caught off guard, and because of the fog created by the snow. I rushed to take a pictures every few moments and here (December snows are the best) and got one when two trucks and a back end loader were shoveling a parkinglot.

Like with any other Canadian snow fall, you have to keep shoveling 20 times a day to keep your driveway clean and it severly pisses people off. The sidewalk plows seemed to cleaned this out earlier, but it was all in vain.

(To view images in a wider resolution, click the links below the images. They open in a new window/tab.)

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And the huge snow bank next to the mall parking lot.

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And tried to take images of the snow falling enmass by pointing the camera at the tree with snow flakes being visible. Instead you can see the snow fog.

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Here are one of the few paths that people make in the snow. I go around this area daily and the other way once or twice a month for figure photo shoots (near the river).

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And another attempt to view the falling snowflakes (which look like freezing rain in this shot :(). I’m finding that when I single our human made structures in the city, and only shoot nature, that the scenery’s mood changes. Probably obvious but I’m liking this new mood in the images.

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And lastly, here are some pictures of the snow with a foot trying to show you how deep, soft, and how much fell. And yes as you might agree these shoes are bad since I managed to slip (but not fall) a few times. They caused me to slip down a stairs once when during one of those school co-ops courses. At least its better then freezing to death, as in those in grade 10 and under who only wear a toque and a sweater.

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Now then thats your local weather forecast for Ottawa on the 9th of December, 2008 :p.� As for the news, OC Transpo strike is on its way and using the economy problem to its advantage by putting the Ottawa mayor on a leash…..If you see an economy collapse like dominos then you’ll know who to blame :D.
I also ordered the Fate/Unlimited Codes SP-Box with the Figma Lily Saber and will be having one of those more careful photoshoots. For $180 Canadian, I’m not getting another one 0.o *Twittles thumbs for the wait*

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  • Persocom says:

    Cool pictures, we still haven’t gotten a snow worthy of pictures, by noon the snow is melted that does fall, the only place that really has snow is the mountains. I look forward to your photoshoot of Saber Lily, I want her so bad but I just can’t pull that kind of purchase this close to xmas, bills are horrible this month.

    December 10, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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