Hello guys! Started fresh and brought a bit from 1.7.3 into 1.8. Not much, but we’re gradually building up the server bit by bit.  Basically one structure is taking me a full day, or two…..or three, as with others that are messing with their fair share. Changed the nation name to a generic name from Arcticu to Kitsua now that everybody will have their own territory to claim as their own for a long time. Arcticu is my claimed land!

(Link – MySite) – Bread-barfing Dei. Tell how hungry we were? :P

This 1.8 world basically had me and Dei (fellow forum buddy) start on mini-islands that had no trees. We swam for quite a bit hitting land a bit west from where we originally started, spotting an abandoned NPC village where we took refuge for the night. The first few days were obviously rough with me gathering wood and building up defenses against the massive hordes of creepers, zombies, Enderman, and the skelis.



Well, Sadly I have to render it in “normal” mode because Isometric keeps crashing. Ah well….And because we’re on a new world there isn’t much to see at the moment, except for small-builds for necessity stuff.

(Link – MySite) <– Click for full image with labels.


Well, might as well post the first few days worth of images first as structures came a bit after…..

(Link – MySite) – Two skeletons attacking one another on the first night.

(Link – MySite) – First Enderman contact.

(Link – MySite) – Eyes from green to purple.


- NPC Village – New Kitsu:

The village me and Dei discovered was swiftly claimed as ours and named “Kitsu”, after the first spawn village from the 1.7 world. This is now a TRUE trading post due to my forum/blogging buddies making cities of their own in the northern half while I’m on the southern half. Kitsu places itself nicely in the middle for me to ship supplies to and from it.

Dei (fellow forumer) claimed the forgery, I claimed a nice spacious hut, Persocom (fellow blogger), and a few others claimed their own little homes. I copied a few buildings to allow people to live in Kitsu for trading reasons.

(Link – MySite) – Creepers at the Gates (Enemy at the Gates).

(Link – MySite) – Enderman messing with my home….I don’t mind.

(Link – MySite) - Waltzing around without a care.

(Link – MySite) – He took that block from the top-back of this home, above the glass-pane bit.

If you note the background of this below image: This NPC village was on the edge of a massive sand mountain that me and my fox minions leveled. Took us a whole day, but we managed. It’s now leveled and mostly safe.

(Link – MySite) – I’m pretty sure he killed himself there….

Imported the “Archives” from 1.7.3 into 1.8 that shipped our items over using McEdit.

(Link – MySite) – Chest-Wolf inside zee Archive!

(Link – MySite) – Awesome! Nice view! And I see some new additions to the city in my absence while building my new cities.

(Link – MySite) – I accidentally aggro’d an Ender and was genuinely freaked by his teleportation assault.

(Link – MySite)


- New Arcticu – Farming Sector:

I decided it was time to expand & explore so I grabbed my boat and headed due south into the ocean biome. Took me a whole Minecraft night to reach my new land where I was greeted by a sand island with a small NPC village on top. Walk further south and you shall be greeted by a medium-sized pine forest, two lovely islands to inhabit. I decided to terraform the sand island as the farming village and built a rail network leading to the main capital city of my region while leaving the forest island mostly intact for exploration purposes & touristic purposes.

*Everything is basic being that it’s more for survival over elegance. Elegance may later be found at my capital city…hopefully.

(Link – MySite) – My new home & mirror-like glass panes. Never ending!

(Link – MySite) – The three stooges – Skeli, Zombie, and Creeper shoving each other side to side.

(Link – MySite) – On tree island – Tree sheep! After Persocom mentioning numerous tree sheeps, cows, and sometimes pigs. New species!

Enderman in this 1.8 official update are crazy! I mean, I like what they are doing but….they’re just grabbing blocks and vandalizing the terrain without actually making use of them! They just grab blocks and place them wherever they please. My temporary and poorly placed storage home (with my 1.7.3 items) was being constantly harassed by them, as with my rail network I built leading to the capital city.

I vote for Enderman building with the blocks they touch! I don’t mind them removing stuff from my structures, just make use of them! Do whatever you want with my structures, I’m surrounded and harassed by mobs anyways…….

(Link – MySite) – You crazy bugger! You ruined my outpost for a new farm village!

(Link – MySite) - New beginnings with a new rail-network and a blacksmith.

(Link – MySite) – Enderman’s sandbox.

(Link – MySite) – Spiders attempting to harass Persocom at my blacksmith.

(Link – MySite) – Melons and reeds! Probably not all that efficient, but I can still gather tons of it at a time.

(Link – MySite) – Squids still raiding my farm.

(Link – MySite) – Wheat to the left, two melon patches in the middle, and reeds to the right.

(Link – MySite) – I flipped when I saw this, what they did to my rail network, and my storage. I didn’t want them gone, but I wanted to relocate my stored items, though couldn’t with my 98% complete rail n etwork.

(Link – MySite) – First thing you see when boating to Arcticu (Left to right – train station, NPC village, tree farm)

(Link – MySite) – Eatery/bakery, Train network, Blacksmith.

- New Arcticu – Capital City Sector:

Nothing there yet except for lots of sand, another NPC village, and insane mountain formations. I plan to start construction once my farm village has been properly linked with the airport and the supplies gathered for such a project. I want to take absolute care in construction.

Consider the following pictures teasers, if you want…..

(Link – MySite) – West of the city there is a patch of forest, and this poorly placed tree that caught on fire. Was worried about a forest fire.

(Link – MySite) – I thought I got lost, but I was closer to the NPC village than I thought; Rainy sunset.

(Link – MySite) – Rail-network tunnel linking Arcticu’s city sector with it’s farming sector.

(Link – MySite) – Satisfaction of seeing the tunnel near completion! Just inches away with glass and sand!

(Link – MySite) – Mostly complete, just needs 64 more golden rails….You’ll just have to walk that last inch to the airport.

- Gouka – Persocom’s city:

Persocom’s city FAR west within the world of Kitsua. He wants to theme his city with Shinki related stuff like Gab’s gun, hospital for a Shinki Type doctor, and etc.  The city currently consists of three homes, storage, two farms, shrooms, and a few other unknown structures.

(Link – MySite) – Was a bit stressed so I added a mushroom tower in his city. Him and his little minion joined in on the fun :P .

(Link – MySite) – Persocom with Shinki Graffias skin and his home in view.

(Link – MySite) – We placed the shrooms and I offered to remove what I placed; this is his city currently.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – Persocom’s Flickr)

(Link – Persocom’s Flickr)

(Link – Persocom’s Flickr) - Storage house.

(Link – Persocom’s Flickr) – Mushroom tower with 10 being the max.

- Unclaimed land/exploring:

And might as well share some scenic areas with you guys. Both ours and this world has awesome scenery!

(Link – MySite) – Somewhere east of New Arcticu, past all the ocean.

(Link – MySite) - Awesome scenery.

(Link – MySite) – Nice lava-fall.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Scenery on Persocom’s territory.

(Link – MySite) – NPC village near a possible location for Renge’s Shrine; one of the better looking villages.

(Link – MySite)

And thanks for viewing! Hope to see you in the next update when I get more stuff built!

Peace! Happy digging!


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  1. Persocom Says:

    Hopefully this world can be updated with the new releases instead of left behind, there’s so much awesome scenery and I’m starting to get attached to the land. However if we have to keep moving until final release I guess I can deal with that too. We’ve come quite a way in a short time, and it’s good to have more people around this time. Looking forward to seeing how this world develops over time ^^

  2. Arctic Kitsune Says:

    @Persocom: Hopefully, and I’ll try to keep it around as long as possible. And yes, it’s always nice to see more interested people to join in on the fun :D .

    Wonder what it will look like in a month or two.

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