Mine of Worldcraft – Video Parody

Author: Arctic Kitsune

Hello guys and fellow miners! I would like to point you towards a fellow Petronaut (Petroglyph games forumer) who made a video parody about World of Warcraft if it was played in a Minecraft way. It turned out better than I had thought, and I even made three appearances in it!

(Link – MySite)

I tried my hands at playing Worold of Warcraft but never really found any worthy to me in there. There were, but they were just so minor that paying to play wasn’t worth it for me. And yes, I’ll admit that I’m a WoW noob. Minecraft is more open and offers more in re-playability, such as the ability to poke fun at World of Warcraft.

- Video:

- Sites featured On:

1) This one :P
2) PC Gamer
3) G4TV
4) Reddit
6) Escapist
7) Youtube Netherlands

- My Three appearances

And as mentioned, I made three appearances in this video. Not all that major, but something to note and take the time to “boast” about haha.

1) The back-most (or left-most) Paladin walking away:

(Link – MySite) – Left-most Paladin = me.

Ha! Nice comment there PCGamer!

My favourite is when immediately after transmogrifying himself to look ‘unique’ two identical characters run past Billy in the background.


2) Battle against a rogue (me):

(Link – MySite) – A Rogue that killed Haasth by mistake the first time, but drops dead and leather the second time :P .

3) The mage that voted to boot Haasth/Billy!

(Link – MySite) – “Kick him!”

Also, go check out Haasth’s two other Minecraft videos parodying Metal GearCraft and Team FortCraft. Thanks for allowing me to be in the video! Three times at that! Much appreciated!

And with that, peace! Happy digging!

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  1. NekoD- Says:

    :P We were glad to have you on board, Arcticu!

  2. Arctic Kitsune Says:

    @NekoD: Glad to have helped out :)

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