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Mine of Worldcraft – Video Parody

Author: Arctic Kitsune

Hello guys and fellow miners! I would like to point you towards a fellow Petronaut (Petroglyph games forumer) who made a video parody about World of Warcraft if it was played in a Minecraft way. It turned out better than I had thought, and I even made three appearances in it!

(Link – MySite)


Hello guys! This isn’t a Minecraft only blog. It’s anything North American so here are some collectibles I gained! I was once a moderator at Petroglyph Fan Forums as well as the Petroglyph forums so I was rewarded with these loot! Sadly, the community flipped and I’m now roaming about in the Anime community on and However! I still have some Petroglyph loots that I gained from Petroglyph Games that I can still show off and I can review future games if so desired.

(Link – MySite) – Petroglyph Mousepad won in a mini-contest.

(All images taken over-time and may vary in quality.)